Awesome; panicking with your friends

How is panicking ever a good thing?
Well, I don’t think it is. Haha..
But instead of panicking and getting stressed/depressed by yourself, I think its funny and nicer to be able to rant about how worried you are for something like midterms with friends who can relate to you.

Happened a few minutes ago.

I was heading to the cafeteria and bumped into my friends. I asked if they were ready for the midterms. When they said no, I got hyper screaming “SAME” MULTIPLE TIMES.

(The next thing you know we were jumping up and down in a group screaming and laughing. Hahahaha.)

Glad to know its not only me who never feels ready for midterms. :,)

So to conclude, panicking with your friends are nicer than getting stressed all by yourself. (And being able to rant about it with someone who can relate.)


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