Why did I stop doing the things I love?

I’ve come to realize that I stopped doing small enjoyable things like I used to do.

1. Blogging

I told myself and mentioned on this blog (lol) that I would write everyday. Or at least try to. Well, once again, I’ve stopped for a while.

Really. I should be able to write even if it takes 5 minutes. Thats not a lot. 5 minutes could be when I am waiting for the lecture to start or a 5 minute break for myself. Or if I am ever in the line or waiting for food. Haha

2. Reading

Who would’ve thought I would ever come to like books. When I was in grade 10, I didn’t really enjoy reading. But ever since after that, I learned to love reading. I find myself sitting in the library most of the time but to study. Not for enjoyable reading.

I crave to read my books facing the window with some nice hot tea or latte or something nice to drink haha.

3. Writing

This is certainly a new one. Blogging is basically writing but this one is different. I started to like writing essay, and maybe poems or songs. BY ESSAYS, POEMS, OR SONGS, I DEFINITELY MEAN THE THINGS THAT DON’T NEED TO GET GRADED. I hate doing things I love and getting graded on them. I lose even more self confidence in myself…

4. Listening to music and chilling

I listen to music ever day (thank lord) but I listen to music when I’m doing mathematical work and can’t find the time to JUST listen to music and relax… I really miss that.

5. Photography

The location near the university I attend is beautiful. There’s always a beautiful view somewhere. My 5th senses for the need to take pictures are tingling. Haha

From now, I want to work on my time management so that I can reduce stress and be able to enjoy myself by doing things I love while still being able to focus on my studies.


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