Before bed at 2am

Wow, feels like its been a while that I got into bed before 2am.
I must say, university certainly is a lot of work. I also feel the need to study non-stop because I’m worried that I might fall behind.

I think its because I’m struggling to manage my time properly. I keep tracing myself back to the past trying to think how I used to manage my studying time so well. I got enough sleep back then and studied frequently. I also studied at least a week before a test. But when I hit my last year in high school, I’m not quite sure what came over me but I got really lazy and decided to slack off. I studied a day or two days before a test.

Anyways, the point is, I’m trying to get back to that habit of trying to study everyday.

Thats why I’ve been actually trying to get AHEAD. (So like doing homeowork and labs on the day or few days after its assigned.) So that, that way, I can have more time to study for the things I need to instead of using that time to do homework, assignments, or labs. But its still a lot of material to learn. In addition, it sucks that I’m a slow learner. I think its because I read slow. But thankfully at least I can type fast. (Although I want to be able to type even faster.)


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