Last weekend with new friends

I was able to meet new people or friends last week thanks to this street fest event. I also went with my friend in the building. It was honestly so fun, just being able to meet and converse with new people. And everyone was sweet. I’m posting this now because as I was organizing my folder in my phone, I saw the photos that I took when I went to the beach with them. It was so pretty hehe. So here it is.



Now, you’re probably thinking photos of me with my new friends would’ve been nice.

I’m not really the type to take photos with people I just met.They were all nice and kind! That’s why I didn’t want to risk the chance of doing stuff like that and freaking them out.

I was just preserving the moment. Don’t see the point of proving anyone that I met new people… haha.
(Although next time when we meet again and all get together and become better friends, I would like a photo. That would be nice. 😉  )

And omg, a culinary program booth was giving out free food. Ice cream creme puffs. They were so cute. Haha, delicious and simple bite size. (Although my friend thought it was pretty big.)


I would like to blog a but more but for the time being, it doesn’t seem like I would have time.

(What? How can you not have like five minutes to blog?)

I need all the time that I have for studying for all my courses. It’s not as hard as I imaged to be, but it still requires a LOT of work and studying.
As I am writing this, I am sacrificing my sleep. So I shall go to bed now. Zzz.

Would definitely blog a lot more for winter break and once the midterms are over! …I would hope.


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