Who dyes their hair in their dorm? ME.

I’m guessing usually people don’t dye their hair. Right after moving into their dorms.

Well, I did. I dyed my hair. Three days after moving into my dorm.

First things first, if you’re sharing a bathroom or room with a roommate, let them know you’re dying your hair. If they don’t like that idea, they would probably tell you or say something about it. (My roommate is extremely nice, kind and friendly and she was fine with it. Haha. She said she dyed her hair purple once too!) I dip dyed my hair purple (because I wasn’t happy with the previous colour). Even though I made the shower floor look like I murdered a purple alien, I didn’t worry about it too much. Because the dye that I used is semi-dye. After a few washes, the bit of dye on the shower floor should wash right off. (I knew about this from previous experiences at my house. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. Especially learning that I would be responsible for any damages done anywhere in my dorm. Don’t want to pay even more for university than I already am!)

So I dyed my hair like I normally would. And I did make a mess in the bathroom, but I cleaned it all up, obviously.

However, from this experience, I advise anyone from dying their hair after moving into your dorms.

If you love dyeing your hair like I do, and have the time for it, go ahead! But understand that dyeing your hair before or after moving into a dorm is more efficient, and from my point of view, more comfortable.

Since the ends of my hair are so damaged to the point where I can’t brush my hair properly, I will be trimming it off during winter break. Then, again, I might dye my hair. Haha.

“Makeup washes off and hair grows back. Life is too short to have one look 😉 

You are in control of your beauty!”

– Michelle Phan

^*nodd nodd* Preach! 😀 ❤


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