Green Tea (Matcha)

I just finished my biology class, and grabbed something to eat for lunch on the way back.

It’s been about two weeks, (and that is NOT an exaggeration,) and I still have dry coughs every now and then.

More frequently actually. I have more stories to write but for now, let’s focus on the topic, green tea.

I don’t feel sick, but my throats still hurt…(See, I always get off topic. Damn it.)

I love green tea frappuccino from Starbucks, but got to watch those calorie intakes. (Not that I really, actually care about…haha) Especially due to my sore throat, I’ve been wanting to drink something hot or warm when I am in my dorm. (Which is like 24/7.) So, I’ve been boiling water from the kettle and drinking this green tea that I got from Japan. Usually, when I buy something that looks fancy as this matcha container, I keep it as souvenir and never bother to open it. But I decided to bring this with me to university just in case.


Literally, it is my savior. I have no idea, what I would have survived without this green tea.

It’s so good too. Haha, authentic green tea from Japan.

Because I don’t have to go out every time to grab something to drink. Plus, saves the amount of money on my student plan, meal card. (Yay!)


(Not my photo, disclaimer,

And I’ve also been using this beautiful glass bottle from David’s tea.

(Still obsessed with David’s tea stuff.)

So, I practically drink tea everyday. That’s how I’ve been getting water in my system, and clearing my throat for a bit for the past few weeks.

Turn down for what?


…lol something me and my best friend’s sister were talking about.

(She’s also obsessed with green tea like I am.)


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