My dilemma over a salade


Hehe, so I STILL haven’t finished posting about trip to LA.

I actually might never… Dun dun dun.
Well, I actually want to post about it with a bunch of photos that I took.
Unfortunately, already into September. Meaning I am currently in university. Eek! First year.

Anyways, let’s not get too off topic, (or get into unrelated stuff than what the title suggests) shall we?


What’s wrong with the salad?
(Haha, I moved into my university campus and food is the first thing I talk about. Of course. You know me. Hehe.)

It’s just I’m really lazy.
The thing is, the container is the right size, and the salad is like overpacked which is good! Because when you’re in university, you want to get as much as possible. (Especially food!)

So, the problem for me is that once I pour the Caesar sauce, I need to sort of toss the lettuce around to get the sauce mixed in there.
Why is that weird? Because I ALWAYS just close the container and shake it. But because the salad is overpacked there’s like, no room to shake and stir the salad.

…you know what I mean?? Haha.

Even though I toss it around a lot with the lid open and with a fork, (because I had to mention fork in case anyone eats their salad with a spoon,) I can’t seem to evenly mix the sauce with the lettuce.

Oh, the dilemma.

I shouldn’t complain because the salad is actually pretty awesome and this is like the smallest thing.

It’s just a small thought that went through my head today as I was stirring my salad. Haha.

(Well, to be honest, it’s more fun than just shaking it. Something new! Haha)


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