L’oreal hair colour remover product review

I apologize in advance for the bad lighting. And I stupidly look the photos is various spots in the house… Which obviously means varying lighting as well.

I also apologize dear future me for not posting frequently.

It’s been a depressing week…

Anyways! Let’s not get off topic shall we?

*finish reading this post! and THEN do! Not just following along, so you’re prepared and less likely to make mistakes!

Okay, so this is the product I’m going to write the review on.


I’m always skeptical when it comes to buying hair or beauty related products. That is why I always search up the product before buying them.

I saw a lot of reviews for this on youtube. So here’s my process.

So this is the instructions and it comes with gloves! Yay!

Basically, you pour the liquid bottle into the powder bottle and shake it until evenly, and well mixed. You must make sure the powder isn’t clumped or anything on the bottom of the bottle. Use wooden or plastic stick or like chopsticks to scrape the bottom to mix, if must. (Don’t use metal stick or chopstick! Apparently… According to someone on youtube.) you want even portion of liquid and powder mixed together so make sure to get all the products in from the liquid bottle into the powder bottle!

Then, depending on your hair, (it’s written in the instructions) you’re going to leave the mixture on your hair accordingly. My hair color was green but I wanted lightest blonde possible so left it at 50 minutes.


This is what it looked like.

This is what it looks like when you divide your hair into two sections and just rub the mixture onto my hair and leave it. I used half the amount in the bottle. Then after shampooing the ends of my hair, I dried it.

Then! I used the rest of the product and left it on for 20 minutes.

Just a note… It does still damage your hair and this smells like bleach! So not save to inhale the product closely. Smells very toxic too.
And it doesn’t change your hair back to what it was originally, it changes to the colour that is underneath the dye(?) I believe.

So I have naturally dark brown hair. However, underneath the green dye is bleached color which is like blonde.

Anyways, after the first time (50 minutes) it turned like this.

After second time (20 minutes) it turned into a lighter blonde.

The reason I dyed to bleach or whatever…put this remover product on my hair is because when I finished just the first time, it still had tint of green. After my second time, there was much less tint of green.

I removed my green dye color from my dip dye. So basically just doing the tips of my hair used up the whole product. (Don’t save this product for next time because if you do! It could explode! No joke or exaggeration! It heats up too within the bottle!) People on youtube were also talking about if you have long hair and you want to remove your full hair dye from your roots to tip of your hair, you’re going to need more than one bottle.

I paid $15 for this product. A bit pricey for this amount but definitely works and less damaging than bleach I believe.


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