Awake at 7am (again)

That’s weird. I put the alarm clock for 7am today.
But I woke up ten minutes before. (Hmm, maybe because I fell asleep with earphones on…with the music playing…? Haha.)

I still really miss the Los Angeles trip that I went on like a week ago. Can’t believe it’s already been a week.

I’m supposed to babysit my neighbour today!
(Yay, finally my babysitting certificate comes in use! Err… Not really because they didn’t ask me for it. Haha.)

It’s also my sisters birthday! 😀
She’s not really doing anything too special. I think I’ve said this before.
As you grow older, you start to not care too much for your birthday.
Or perhaps, that’s only us. Haha. We started to not care that much when it approached our birthday. I think that excitement that we used to have started to fade away. (Hmm, should I be sad? Lol.)

Anyways, I think I should get up now…instead of lying on the bed updating my blog.

Maybe I’ll listen to just a few more songs first.



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