Disneyland (part two)

Today, we went to Disney for the second day. But since the place is divided into two sections, Disneyland and California adventures, we went to California adventures. (We went to Disneyland yesterday, so first day.)

We went to Flo’s V8 cafe and ate dinner there. As for lunch, I just ate pretzel (again) but this time without the Mickey Mouse face, and with the cream cheese inside of it. To be honest, the pretzel was stale. I don’t think it was heated. But it still tasted good! This cream cheese tasted sweeter than original cream cheese that you can purchase from the grocery stores. I’m not going to say this tasted “magical” but it was pretty good compared to the Mickey Mouse pretzel that I ate. I’ll just post it when I get home. Hehe.

And like yesterday, we rode on a lot of stuff. I felt like we rode on more stuff today then yesterday but my friends disagreed and said we rode on more stuff yesterday. I think it’s because we rode more extreme stuff today. Haha.

Anyways, need to wake up at like 5:30 tomorrow so bye for nowww.


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