Yay just finished planning/calculating

I know it’s pretty late but after that shower, I’m not that tired after all.
I just finished calculating how much money I should spend. I want to spend it wisely. The best solution is if we go to a supermarket and buy cheap healthier food as possible but not possible with my conscience telling me I’m on vacation… Lol. Besides, I’d rather try new things from here most of the times anyways.

I keep wanting to spend. However, now that I finished writing down the approximate amount I should spend (on food especially,) I’m feeling a bit lighthearted too. Haha. And relieved.

I want to at least try and spend the minimum amount on food. That way I can buy more stuff that lasts, instead of getting them dissolved in my stomache, and gone forever. Haha.

We’ll see as I progress, I guess. Hopefully, didn’t spend too much by the end.


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