Bitch body slammed into me…

Lol, okay, so Disneyland is supposed to be a happy, and magical place. But it seemed like some people just got up from the wrong side of the bed or something! I was fuming a bit inside but whatever, I’ll be the mature one and just forget about it (BITCH.)

So we were watching fireworks, and when it finished, we decided to hold one any others bag strap. So I guess we make like a small human train.

We happened to pass by or slip by someone. And this lady or woman or beast just decided to get pissed and body slammed into me.

Not once,
Not twice,
But three times!
(… Can I sue her for this? Lol.
Jeez, felt so violated… Hahahahaha.)

What’s even funnier is this person decided to PUSH ME TOO.
Like, have you had enough? Haha.
I didn’t even look at her face.
Would’ve been a waste of my time, and probably would’ve gotten even more mad anyways.
But I do regret not saying anything back to her… Just a bit. Should’ve told her to get her disgusting hands off of me or something, or how this is a family place and she should learn some manners. (Or go buy a brand new attitude 🙂 )

Her boyfriend or whatever said also added, “I got knee surgery okay?”

First of all, I’m sorry, your girlfriend body slammed me and now you’re telling me your life story?

Second, oh, my condolences. You had knee surgery, that’s why you came to Disneyland.
With people.
Lots of people.
In a crowded place.

(One of My friend actually said that to them apparently. She said “then you shouldn’t be at Disneyland” but she thinks they didn’t hear her. Still, haha omg I love her even more now. 😦 )

Third, I don’t give a damn if you got knee surgery, or heart surgery or what not, if your girlfriend doesn’t have the heart or mind to TELL ME that that was rude instead of FREAKING VIOLATING MY PERSONAL SPACE BY TRYING TO WRESTLE ME IN THE MIDDLE OF DISNEYLAND.

Fourth, WHO ARE YOU?!
Seriously though, who do think they are. I sure hope they aren’t rude like this to everyone on the block. Body slamming everyone… Go to the wrestling centre or something. (Great influence from these two young adults(?) jeez.)

(Hahaha. I was right, writing this here makes me feel better.)

I know that today, it might’ve been frustrating but later in the future, this will be funny.
It’ll be an interesting experience from Disneyland that I can look back and laugh at.

So dear future me, do you remember this?
Lol, it’s actually already funny just thinking about it.
Haha this is my remedy right here.

Future me, I did the right thing right? I just ignored her because I refused to waste my time trying to argue with a person who has the maturity of a five year olds. (My apology to all the five year olds who must be compared to this wicked lady.)

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