World Cup 2014

World Cup is now over but I never wrote about it! So I’m just going to make a new category “world today” and basically I can put any news or the events that occur during my lifetime. (So you can analyze how much things changed over time.) I should make a “technology today” category soon too.

The winner of World Cup this year was Germany. There was a lot of epic games for sure! My chemistry teacher was cheering for Italy. My friend from my chemistry/biology class was cheering for Germany. And my friend next to me was cheering for Netherlands.

I missed the final and semi final games because I was traveling with the family and auntie.

I was rooting for South Korea, Japan, and Brazil. :3
Haha I know, that’s a lot of teams, but hey! Why not?

I remember when Brazil was with Costs Rica(?) I think Brazil won by one penalty shoot! But when Brazil played against Germany, they lost 1-7 which is a bit crazy! There were a few players missing for that game though. Lose or win, I still like them.

And I read it in the news that the Korean team got hit with like taffy by some of the people because they did really bad this year. I thought that was a bit too far… It’s not like they didn’t try jeez. 😡
Oh right, apparently, throwing taffy in Korea means they suck so they should leave or get lost. It’s supposed to be insulting.


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