On the way to LA, catching up with what we did with auntie during her visit

So as I am typing this (with a lot of difficulty, lol) I am riding on the airplane. Yay! Lol it’s funny how small the world seems from up here.

Since I have approximately three hours, I thought instead of sleeping, because that’s what I usually do when I’m on the plane, I should catch up on the posts about the trips with auntie.

I have short term memory and that’s scary when you realize you’re only 19. Hahaha.

I basically went out of the city and to the Seattle outlets. We shopped a lot. However, my aunt said there were a fair amount of things she couldn’t find. I think she might’ve had a list of things to get from here. Haha.

Oh yeah, and she gave me a canon 100d camera! I asked her several times if she was really okay with just giving it to me.
(Apparently it was $800 and that me even more unsure whether to accept the gift or not. Especially considering the fact that I already have a canon rebel t4i camera.)

She said she wasn’t going to use it anyways. She first bought it because she thought it was pretty. (This is a white camera instead of a black one which makes it more unique. Haha.)
She took like a few photos and her co-workers asked her why she bought it when she wasn’t even going to use it. Auntie was tired of the teasing and pestering that she screamed that she was going to give it to her nephew. (Me) LOL.

She makes it sound like she likes her jobs. Or perhaps it only sounds like that because she gets along so well with most of her co-workers. She always has funny stories to tell our family every now and then. I could probably sit in the corner of the room listening to all her life stories for days. Haha.

We also visited the university that I will be attending starting this September too! My aunt was more excited and eager to take photos around there than I was. Haha. When we visited our hometown, she took us to the university she went to as well! It was pretty cool.

She said because the tuition was high at her university, some of the students there rebelled by turning the airplane.

Confused yet? Lol.

The airplane placed on the field of that university was there as like a statue or something. Apparently, it was like an actual functional jet.

The students turned the airplane so it faced a different way. But the funny part is, this really make no difference she said. Because no one cared which way the airplane was facing. LOL.

I think we basically went shopping, ate at different places, visited a few places, stayed over at a hotel and stuff and BAM, a week went by just like that.

It really felt short. Hmm… Haha it was a fun week though.

And now, I’m really pumped to spend the nine days trip with my friends. XD

Although, I’m starting to feel a bit drowsy because I didn’t get that much sleep last night. Haha.


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