First day in LA

We wanted to go to the lemonade store in LA, at the international airport but turns out you have to go through the security checkpoint first. Haha funny because we just arrived in LA. (I don’t think any of us were planning on leaving just to go to that lemonade store. LOL.)

We called our shuttle bus and took it straight to the hotel for like 40 minutes.

When we arrived, we settled in and decided to grab some food from the gas station for dinner. Because lemonade store/restaurant opinion failed. Haha. Well, that’s the part about going on vacation and being adventurous right? Hehe.

We all bought water, and a chicken sandwich. I grabbed chips for later too. (We’ll probably eat it tomorrow. Kettle cooked jalapeño chips! Hehe.)

We also just showered and took out our cleanser and all the toiletries.

We heard some loud bangs!
We thought it was either some shooting or someone stomping from upstairs at first but turns out was fireworks from Disneyland! What’s amazing is the fact that from the other side of the hotel, you can see a clear, beautiful view of the fireworks. (I’ll take some photos some other day. But we’re going to Disneyland for three days…haha. So pumped!)

So we also watched some tv with ninja warrior or something. Pretty fun.

But more excited for tomorrow! Disneyland for three days straight!! Eek. *squeal*

Two of my friends are now sleeping, but one of my friend is awake still as well at the moment. We’re both on our electronic device. I guess we both just can’t sleep.

Hehe, we’re both excited for tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwww 😀
(Can you tell how excited I am from the number of Ws I used for the word tomorrow? Haha.)

And someone keeps locking (or beeping) their car. It’s kind of loud. 😦

And surprisingly, I thought the wifi serve was pretty bad here but turns out it’s okay. (Just depends on what area or location of the room that your in. Haha. Wifi had me moving around different parts of the room. Currently, near the door actually. Haha.)

K bye for now.


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