I guess no way to straighten MY hair without a straightener

It doesn’t really say how you can straighten your hair without a straightener. It just says to shampoo and condition your hair. Then brush it and let it dry.

Sounds easy.
But probably not with my hair.
My hairdresser (the person we usually go to, lol) said I have naturally curly hair.

Apparently. I thought I had straight hair.
Few years later, I realized she was right and eh- wrong.

I would say my hair is semi curly. Lol does that make sense?
Like when I wake up, half my hair seems straight but my other side of the half has a weird, uneven curl around the ends of my hair. Besides, when I put it in a bun before going to sleep, my hair ends up looking like a poodle in the morning when I remove my hair tie. Haha.

ANYWAYS, since I like my hair straight than curly, I’ll probably try and wake up and shower.


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