Hellos are easier than goodbyes (But positivity! Haha)

My aunt went back to Korea today.
Honestly, the silence in my room is already scaring me. (Haha, you know, all that laughter and sounds that filled the hallway just right outside of our room. Suddenly, gone. Just silence.)
Feels likes just yesterday when we picked up our auntie from the airport.
She only stayed for five days due to her busy schedule at work. We all wished she would’ve stayed longer.
She said she wanted Tommy Hilfiger white v-neck shirt before she left so when I go to LA and I see some, I might get her one… And perhaps one for myself… Haha we’ll see.

Anyways, before I catch up on what I did, I’ll just take this time to remind myself that instead of goodbyes, think of them as a promise for saying hellos for next time in the future.

That sounds weird. Hahaha.

Remember the song kaeru basho by Aoyama Thelma??
(Song that literally saved my life…)

She says how goodbye is a promise for meeting up with someone again. I don’t really know how to say this well.
BECAUSE, translating languages, it’s difficult to put into the right words sometimes.

So interpreters, I solute to you.

And Google translator… Hallelujah. Without you, I would be lost.
(Or in fact, Google in general. Haha)

Google is the “most used search engine on the World Wide Web…)
Google still exists…right dear future me?!

(My prediction, google will last until the end of like 25th century. Lol.)

I’ll see my aunt again.
Hopefully next year?

This time, there’s possibility of going to Quebec City!

Plus, we can just call each other every now and then.

See, it works!

Positivity! 🙂


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