Coach and Tommy Hilfiger

Two of my favourite places that we’ve been to were Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Coach was having a 50% off entire purchase with additional 20% off of the clearance items. Talk about a sale! However, I wasn’t really looking for any bags at the moment. They had a lot of pretty ones, even though my aunt said they had better designs in the past.

Tommy Hilfiger on the other hand, I had a lot of things to look at. I was literally shuffling through the rack. But, the thing is, Tommy Hilfiger is a brand and they don’t sell the cheapest items. However, when they go on sale, (or at the outlets,) they become affordable.

I saw a bunch of v-neck sweaters that I completely fell in love with. BUT, I decided to go get them when I had some money in my wallet. Besides, I didn’t want to spend too much because me and my friends were going to LA soon! 😀 so pumped for that.
(Although, I didn’t spend a lot of money at this store called Ross… Haha…)

Which reminds me, these brand models were so beautiful.
I ALWAYS look at the brand posters because it’s interesting to look at okay.

I was hoping to see Emma Watson’s face on a poster somewhere like Burberry, but didn’t see any. 😦

However, I did see Cara Delevigne! 😀 haha


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