Free Starbucks drink from a stranger!

I was dropping my sister off for her gig at like 6am in the morning. So I decided to stop by Starbucks yesterday, on my way home.


I ordered créme frappuccino. With like toffee nut syrup and caramel drizzle.
I noticed that the person in front me didn’t have to pay. I was kind of suspicious. Then, when I ordered mine and took $5 out from the wallet, the barista/cashier said that I didn’t have to pay because a gentleman already paid for mine. And in fact, for a bunch of other people who were in line at the moment.

So basically I got a free drink! Sadly, I couldn’t get to see who it was or thank them at all because the barista said he left the store before I even ordered my drink.

I’m guessing he paid for like 20-30 people. If not, even more!

And let’s just keep in mind that Starbucks isn’t the cheapest place to buy your drinks. 20-30 would be around $100-$150! That’s a lot.

I remember my home room talking about it something like a random act of kindness and I was planning on paying for 2-3 people behind me in Starbucks once I get a part-time job.

But like 20-30? (Haha mine is just one digit…)
Man. I really wished I thanked this person.

The barista said he just did it as a random act of kindness.

Anyways, thank you stranger for the free drink. 🙂


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