Beach with friends

We went to the beach… Well… Actually it was the lake…
Whatever, it was like a beach anyways.
I went to the beach with my friends today.
Basically, the girls got there first and we set up our towels on the sand and stuff.
Then, my best friend spotted a squirrel and attempted to take pictures but I think I chased it away with my phone camera sounds… (Oops.)

And then I remembered climbing the tall tree trunk long ago when I was smaller so I tried to climb up.

Sadly, took me like 15 minutes to climb that thing! Haha one of my friend was taking snapchats of me for the payback. Because I did the same thing to her during Canada day while teasing her. Hehe.

Our friendships are just like that.

It was a great weather today too. It wasn’t boiling or anything.

I got tanned a bit apparently. Good thing, not a lot though.

Wait, wait, back to the tree trunks.

Um, yeah, I finally climbed it and few kids followed me up. I thought I was being a bad influence because I thought they were climbing the tree because of me!

But turns out they already climbed the tree like five times. Haha and they’re parents were like right there watching them climb.

They even jumped off of it. It’s actually pretty high. If I jumped off, I would’ve died. Haha.

What’s even funnier was the fact that they knew Miley Cyrus’s music video, wrecking ball. One of the kids were saying how she was more like a naked ball. They said someone should imitate licking the hammer and stuff. Hmm… Haha.

And I sort of joked around saying how I would live on top of that tall tree trunk because I couldn’t get down. One of the kids said I should ask these two guys (random people walking by the shore) to catch me like a princess. (Or rupunzel. Hahahahahahahahahahaha please. I’d rather be my own hero… That… Didn’t make sense…)

And then we swam for a bit, then swam to a small island nearby. It was pretty cool. Although after we got to the small island, we went right back. (I was literally like, now what? LOL.)

And then after, we went to get bubble tea. Some people got desserts. I got a sandwich. I just ate dinner there since my mom and my sister told me they already ate.

We talked a bit and time seemed to have gone by so fast.

We said our goodbyes.

Especially to one of my best friends who was leaving to go on vacation.


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