Dip dye (turquoise)

I was bored and had time to dye my hair so I did. Here’s how it turned out.


Again, not bad but not totally in love with it either. I was hoping for the blue-turquoise but it looks like it turned out to be green-turquoise.

Hmm… I might dye it again to get the darker colour.

And I can feel that the ends of my hair are dead.

Here’s a photo of my hair when it was just bleached. (My mom said I could probably use it as a mini broom stick. -..-;; hahaha)

(Photo broom stick)

Okay, here’s the process I went through. I barely used the comb brush this time. And this time, I didn’t straighten my hair before dyeing it.

So this is my hair when it was just bleached with
Jerome Russell powder bleach and 40 volume créme white magic (powder and liquid bleach. You’re supposed to mix them together.)


So I used
Jerome Russell Punky Colour #1440 turquoise


When I opened it, the colour looked more navy then defining it turquoise.


But obviously, the dyes ARE supposed to be darker.
And here’s the tools I needed.

P.S, YES, I needed a bar of chocolate there because I was PMSing…



That’s actually a small mirror that I got from Korea. LOL.
I thought I might need it for the back view but nope, didn’t need it at all.


And so blah blah blah, put the dye on the ends of my hair, rubbed it a few times with the plastic glove to spread the dye evenly throughout. Then blah blah, wrapped it in tin foil. This time, I divided my hair into six rather than two when I bleached my hair.


Then, I left it on for like 40 minutes although the website suggests 15-30 minutes. (Whatever, the ends of my hair are already dead from bleach anyways. I’ll cut it off before the end of summer…most likely…I think(?) )


(Haha, kind of looks like a cocoon of a caterpillar. Okay, maybe not…)


And I sort of used the hair dryer to heat the tin foil so it could absorb the dye a bit faster… (Lol…)


And ta da~ this is how it turned out.


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