Swimming with my sister

I went swimming with my sister today and while we were swimming, we also talked about random stuff during small breaks. That’s why like probably right now or later on, I’m just going to post a bunch of stuff. Haha.

We both went swimming because we wanted some form of exercise. Although it’s not exactly easy being confident in your swim suit when all the girls are pretty petit and especially when your sister is so much more skinner than you are… At least I went to a place where I didn’t know people. (Saw like two people I recognized but I don’t really know them personally.) I blended in well with the old people with huge bellies than with most of the girls there. Hahaha.

I really want to lose some weight and get those 11 shaped abs but hahahahahahahaha who am I kidding. (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

It is said that successful diet is 70-80% (I think) based on what you consume and 20-30% based on the exercises that you do. I know I need to be a bit more healthy when choosing what to eat but I don’t know, my will power isn’t as strong as I thought they were…sadly.

The reason me and my sister like going swimming sometimes is because we know that swimming is one of the best forms of exercises when it comes to burning calories. I can’t exactly say how much calories swimming can burn, but I know that it can burn a lot. That’s why swimmers in Olympics need to consume a lot of food into their system, because they burn them so fast and right away.

I would rather save some time swimming than burn less calories in the same amount of time with a different type of exercise.

Time is money.

But swimming everyday would be such a hassle. Because you can damage your hair. And if you swim too much, (like competitively) I heard that your shoulders get broader and my shoulders are already pretty wide as it is.

I’ve been self conscious over the years due to some of my friends complaining about their weight. One of my friends said that corrupted me because I used to not really care as much. Now, I care a lot. And it’s not really convincing when all your friends who are skinner than you tell you that you’re not fat. (Actually, ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE OF THOSE FRIENDS SAY SHES FAT WHEN REALLY, SHE ONLY WEIGHS LIKE 100 pounds!!!! Haha.)

I actually think I’m above average for my height too (with this current weight). I’m also Asian, so yeah, being stereotypical to myself. Lol. (
But seriously, why is it that all the Asians that I know or see are always so like… thin?

At least I got my sister trying to help me with healthier decisions. Haha. Although she can be harsh or annoying sometimes. She says she wants to gain a bit of weight and then get some abs. Haha. I want abs toooooo. But I heard its much easier for guys to earn abs than the girls. Not sure if that’s true or not but from what I heard, that’s true.


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