“Break Up Bible”


Okay, the title already gave me the “hahaha what?” impression when I first saw it. However, since the book was bright pink and stood out, I thought I would give it a try. (You know, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Although I already did…)

I finished it in a day and that’s a miracle. I’m an extremely slow reader too. Surprisingly, I was hooked to this book that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

Sadly, because I haven’t been in a relationship, I don’t exactly know what it is like to “break up”. Although being broken hearted is something I may or may not be able to relate it to. (I liked this kid in elementary for three years, confessed twice, got rejected, and blah blah blah.) However, I thought the book had a lot of cliche. For example it says how being broken hearted hurts, feels like you’re dying, and can’t stop crying. Nothing that was really unexpected I thought. The plot was interesting though! Worth reading it.

Now, I’m not really the type to pick up or even read books sorely based on romance, but it was a good book, I must say. Next I need to read some books that I got from the library. And…


(Lunar chronicle series by Marissa Meyer, I’m totally in love with it. My friend first recommended me this science fiction book and it became my favourite series of books.)

Haha, I’ll be reading a fair bit over this summer.



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