Atopic dermatitis

I was wondering what 아토피 was, translated to English and it turned out to be atopic. At first, I thought it was just a pronunciation translated in English but I was wrong to think so. Because I searched up atopic and the first one that came up said atopic dermatitis. It’s apparently unusual inflammation with the effect of eczema, dry and or sensitive skin.

Anyways, it’s funny how it says there’s no cure for it although there are some procedures that could possibly reduce the inflammation.

Why do I find this funny?


I was cured.

I don’t have atopic anymore. (Well… Although I get eczema on my face sometimes, depending on the season. But they are no longer inflammation. Parts of my skin can get really dry or flaky.)

When I was little, (by little, I mean like five years old,) I had atopic on my bend joint elbow. That’s what they say right? I don’t know if there’s a name for that. If there is, I wonder what it is. Anyways, the point is, I thought I got it back or something because I was lifting something on my bookshelf, I realized that the bend of my elbow was a bit red. Later, it turned out to be a mosquito bite.

And so that’s how it reminded me of my atopic that I had. I remember getting better because I went to a magical spa that made me stop itching where my atopic was. But, my parents both said it got better because the air in canada is much more pure than where we used to live. I still think it was the work of the magical spa even to this day. Haha.

Wow, I had a lot of problems when I was small. I sort of JUST REALIZE THAT. I’ll write more of that later. I need to sleep now.

K goodnight.


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