Cafe and on a long walk with my dog

Today was a relaxing day. Not too boring either. First, I went to a nice cafe nearby with my mom and my sister. I had Yaklut peach smoothie with lychee jelly. I’ve been obsessed with lychee jelly more then pearls lately in bubble tea drinks. My sister had peach red tea with lychee jelly. You know how tea usually always gives off that bitter taste? Well, I was a bit skeptical when my sister got her drink but when I tried it, I must say, it was one of the best teas I’ve had in the longest time. Funny because I used to be obsessed with teas. As of now, not really anymore. Haha I’m still in love with green tea though! (Also known as matcha.)


The drink that I got:
Yaklut peach smoothie with lychee jelly
(Hahaha awkward, not in focus)


The drink that my sister got:
Peach red tea (cold) with lychee jelly
(Haha the foam kind of makes it look like beer…doesn’t it? Or I’m just a bit crazy with this kind of imagination…lol)

And then afterwards, I went on a long walk with my dog. By “long walk”, I don’t actually think it’s considered a long walk. Well… Debatable actually because it was like two hours? Haha. I just went to the park where I used to take my dog before we moved. It was nice and just a tad bit nostalgic.


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