Night market and saying goodbye

Went to night market today. It was fun although, I feel like I should’ve gotten more food because I was exhausted and hungry when I came back home. Haha. But the food is so expensive. Actually, I shouldn’t say that because they’re worth the money. Haha. Wasn’t looking for anything in particular and didn’t buy anything aside from food.

Actually, that’s a lie. I bought a SnapBack. You know, the hats with like flat thingy… I’m bad with explanation. Remember??

But this wasn’t for myself. It was for my friend. Sadly, he’s leaving for his hometown for a year. Then off to one of the widely known universities in the world. I’m actually not too sure if he wanted it. It seemed like he did so I offered but he refused because he’s a humble guy. In the end I won and just bought it for him. I think he felt bad so he got me a plug for my phone. He didn’t have to do that because it wasn’t me who was leaving… Now I feel kind of bad. :/

But the plug is cute though! Here’s a picture of it.


I like it. And he better wear that hat often. Haha jk jk. As long as he liked that hat, it’s all good. Seriously though, although me and my friends have known him for less then a year, I would have to say I’m really going to miss this kid. And hopefully we’ll meet each other in the future. Best of luck for all of us, my dear crew.

(My dear crew…? Haha ew so cheesy what the hell. Lol, doesn’t sound like me at all. Haha.)


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