RIP to the small bug that died in my eye…

I was walking my dog and a small bug went in my eye directly. Because usually the bugs that just randomly fly or bump on your face, they end up flying away right after right? Well this tiny bug actually went in directly into my left eye. It was kind of gross. I had fast reflex to try to get the bug out but it took me forever to rob the bug out. (Ew I know but I was kind of in the middle of nowhere and looking for a mirror would’ve been ridiculous so I had no choice but to try and wipe it out of my eye okay!) The bug was one of the smallest one’s I’ve seen. Smaller than an average ant I would say. As soon as I got home, I put some droplets of water into my eye to wash it. After, I put a few eyedroplets.

Anyways, despite this gross incident,  I’m sorry for you tiny bug that had to die in my eyeball. That kinda sucks. Can you imagine? You’re just flying in the air minding your own business, trying to enjoy life in this big world. Then suddenly, you bump into a huge eyeball and get stuck and just die? Ugh. My condolences, buggy… I’m sorry your life was short lived. I hope you have a second chance in living and revive to have a better life. Rest In Peace little fella. And again, I’m sorry…


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