Tennis wrap-up

Just a few hours ago, we had our tennis wrap-up. It was with both the juniors and seniors.

Only about half the juniors and half the seniors could make it today. It was fun though!

Last tennis matches with each others… when you really think about it and it sinks in, it hurts.

Knowing that you’ve been on the team for four years, (may be different for everyone,) and

knowing that the team won’t be the same next year for the people who aren’t graduating. As for

me I won’t be playing tennis as often I would say. It’s kind of sad. I wonder if it’ll be like this when

I have my commencement. That bitter-sweet feeling… haha.

ANYWAYS, it was fun. I was paired up with someone from the junior team but he was really good!

(I could probably say better than me actually… hahahahaha *cries*)

We won all our matches against everyone except one. haha. Anyways, we got along pretty well.

We all said our final good-byes to our tennis coaches.

Even though we didn’t play hardcore, I’m so tired right now. (HAHA. Need to get in shape a bit more. Come on!)

Oh right! And we ate some food that one of our tennis coach got us! teehee.

I feel tired, sleepy, and bored(?) haha

I think I’m ganna take a nap for a bit.

So for now, peace.




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