to-do list for me before summer REALLY starts…

I have a provincial that I am studying for at the moment. BUT I wanted to take a break from this for a second to

chill for a bit. I will do so by just quickly writing my to-do list for myself (like I said…before summer REALLY starts.)

1. I need to write my provincial exam which is tomorrow. After that thank goodness, less stress, less stress.

2. I need to plan out my courses and register for post-secondary.

3. Need to go to commencement… Probably the last time I’ll see most of the people from my school. I don’t know if I’ll be more upset or happy. Definitely both right?

4. Need to get a part-time job. I need money so I can spend money during summer vacation without too much worries.

So that concludes it, after all these lists are crossed out, I’ll be on cloud nine. (Phew!)

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