Playlist June 17

Okay, I think it’s been like four months(?) since I last wrote down my favorite songs…or perhaps longer… So here’s my favorites at the moment.

1. I Will Never Let You Down – Rita Ora
2. Night and Day – Wheesung
3. We Found Love – Rihanna
4. B Team – Marianas Trench
5. Celebrity Status – Marianas Trench
6. You Deserve Better – Verbal Jint
7. Good Morning – Verbal Jint
8. Grotesque ft. Namie Amuro – Ken Hirai
9. Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood
10. Goodnight Kiss – Jun Hyoseong
11. Some ft. Lil Boi of Geeks – Soyu
12. Problem – Ariana Grande
13. Right There – Ariana Grande
14. You’ll Never Know – Ariana Grande
15. Say Something ft. Christina Auilera – A great big world
16. Classic – MKTO

As you can tell, this playlist is obviously a mix of english songs, korean songs, and with one japanese song. I’ve been listening to a mix of cultural songs lately. Haha.
I heard some of these songs from the radio and fell in love with them. And as you can tell, as always, I’m obsessing with Ariana Grande’s songs. Some of these songs aren’t exactly new. It’s just I like listening to them now and then and I fall in love with them all over again. I’m especially in love with Wheesung and Verbal Jint’s songs. The song “Night and Day” by Wheesung and “Good Morning” and “You Deserve Better” by Verbal Jint, I fell in love with these songs after hearing them only once. Haha. Wheesung’s song and voice, as always, great to listen to. Verbal Jint’s songs…”Good Morning” it’s so nice. (Yeah, why can’t someone text ME “Good Morning”?? Hahahahahahahahaha…*Cries*)

There was a phase when I only listened to “Sweater Weather” for a long period of time during the day… or at night when I couldn’t fall asleep. (Presently, it’s also the ringtone for my cell phone.) And as always, I have to listen to band songs. At the moment, I like Maraianas Trench, but I also love The Pretty Reckless and The Cab. (Pretty sure there’s a lot of other bands that I like. I just can’t think right now.)

As for the rest of the songs, I found them on youtube or was reminded by my sister or my friends so I listened to them again.

I mostly listen to songs when I’m brushing my teeth or when I can’t fall asleep. Or when I’m bored and have nothing to do really… or when I’m just chilling. What would I do without music?

Oh right, and dear future me, most of these songs are popular. (Right now, it’s 2014…although few of these songs might not be from 2014.) Wonder what kinds of songs you listen to now. Not too much auto-toned or electric songs I hope. haha. I mean I’ve always liked a lot of acoustic songs too anyways… you still do right?


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