Theme: Daisies (P.S: I don’t like watermarking my photos…)

set the world on fire

the light that burns for beauty


on edge




mini garden


they can grow anywhere

element of surprise

expecting the unexpected

where love grows

mail box

little love


"we found love in a hopeless place"

nature's beauty

where does it grow?



the one

I was on my way home, walking with my dog when I came across some cute daisies. They were like everywhere so I plucked some. (Sorry!) And I decided to take photos with them because it’s been a while. It’s funny because my neighbor, (this cute little boy) asked me what I was doing. He looked so confused haha. I think he’s in grade two…? Anyways, I asked him if he wanted some photos but he refused multiple times. (Hey, not being creepy because I explained this to my friend. Haha, my neighbors are friendly so I was going to give them the photo if I took any of him. NOT KEEP THEM FOR MYSELF LOL.)

Anyways so that’s why all these photos are daisies. (My other friend thought I was just obsessed with daisies or something haha. Great friends I have eh? Jokes, love them ;D) I took a bunch and I think I like the photo where I used f/stop 1/20 the best. I took these photos during night. That’s why I just deleted the photos that were too bright from the flash because they didn’t look good. I would say I was satisfied with some of these photos. haha.

Oh yeah, and I don’t like watermarking my photos because I don’t know… from my perspective, for my own photos, if I watermark them, they look weird. That’s how I feel. I mean, a lot of people watermark their work for credit. I know a lot of professional and other photographers, when they take their photos, it still looks nice with their watermarks. Hmm…it might be because like my photography teacher says, people tend to be more critical with their own work than other’s. I even tried putting space underneath the photos (like a white bar of space) and putting my signature/initials but they still look odd to me. So I’ll just leave it as it is.


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