Went to prom/grad like a week ago haha. It was great! I enjoyed after grad more then grad though.

Everyone was dressed really nice! I seriously can’t name anyone who didn’t look good. (Not that I will even if there was…) We basically got ready and met at a recreational centre. Or nearby anyways. We were forunate enough to get one of our friend’s dad take pictures of us! That was nice. And we got on the limo bus. It was nice although I didnt know more than half the songs they were playing. We got off  at another park to take photos. Three of us were getting professional photographer take our photos (which was including me). It was a stressful process because we didn’t really know WHERE we were going to meet at the park. Because the park that we went to was Pretttttty big. But it all worked out pretty well in the end. She was a professional and when I sneak peeked one of the photos, it looked really nice haha. We got back on the limo bus (late… almost got left behind… haha. But our other friend stopped the driver from leaving.) And we got to the recreational centre hosting our grad. We went around taking photos at different parts of the room and took more photos with different people. We grabbed some food AND DESSERT (very important,) to eat. Then watched the slideshow of pictures of the people from our graduating class. And danced for like 3 – 4 hours?? Me and my friends didn’t dance that much because we didnt know a lot of those songs. Other then that, yeah we danced for a fair bit I guess. Dancing to songs that we knew, THAT was really fun. The food was good but I liked dancing better I think. Didn’t enjoy having to dance worrying about my dress. (Because my dress was puffy. It was purple. Remember?) Well not that I really cared that much about my dress. Haha bought it online… remember that too?? Hahahahahahaha. Told my sister not to do that in the future. You never know how your dress looks just from looking at it online. Anyways, after that we got back on the limo bus and headed to our friends house to change out and into our comfortable clothes for after grad.

We walked to after grad. (Well me and one of friends sang on our way there. Karaoke there hahaha.) Played bunch of games, got tickets for prizes and ate bunch of food. And got temporary tattoo behind my ear/head area (?) Heheheheh always wanted a tattoo but didnt like that whole commitment thingy. We’ll see if I want one in the future. Unfortunately in the end, I wasn’t drawn for any prizes but everyone got a free movie pass! Gotta love those. Haha. After, went home, took off makeup (hallelujah) and just collapsed before taking a shower. Promise, was the first thing I did after I woke up. Haha. Anyways thats how it was. I had really nice time on the long three day weekend. Back to school on tuesday though.


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