Palmar hyperhidrosis

Wow, sounds kinda scary and weird right?? Well, it’s been like two – three years since I found out I had this.

(It’s not a disease I swear! Lol. Dear future me, do you remember…?)

Anyways, let’s get to the point of what it is.

Palmar hyperhidrosis is an excessively sweating problem on your palms.
Okay, by excessively sweating, it means legit “pouring rain, dripping wet” sweating. This is NOT an exaggeration. (I could totally prove it. But then again, this is only a explanation blog. And this is written technically in the past sooo…. and I’m not posting a video lol.)

So I’ve had this problem ever since I could remember. Maybe around grade 4? Or perhaps even loooong before that.
This sweating on my hands occur mostly when I get nervous or scared. Orrrr when I’m in a hot environment. Sometimes, it just sweats too randomly. This might be why I get cold easily. That’s why I never really liked winter. I perfer hot and humid environment. Summer has always been my favorite even when I was living in Japan.

Of course my parents recommended (made me,) go see my family doctor. First, the doctor told me that it was that “extra” homeostasis or negative effect(?) Or work that my glands were doing. So first, my doctor recommended me drysol. It’s a pretty good and famous non-prescriptioned liquid/gel (?) For people with hyperhidrosis. That worked for a bit. But stopped after about a month of application on my hands every night before sleeping. I dont know why. So second, my doctor recommended me strong medicines. She warned me that there may be depression side effects and stuff so I had to be careful. (LOL) I had to take it this one time during a certain time. This was when I was in an English class with one of my friends. She got scared apparently because she thought I was doing drugs. (Again, LOL) This medicine worked for like two days and stopped working. Worse, my sweating glands produced more… sweat on my hands. So I stopped taking that. The third thing that my doctor recommended were betox, I think? She said this will/should have stronger effects then the medicine or drysol ever did.  But of course more effective. I didn’t take the betox because I chose and didn’t want to. Also, my doctor told me that if I dont “cure” from this condition, it was likely going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Either that or get the surgery for it. She did warn me that even if I get the surgery, they would only be able to MOVE that amount of sweat somewhere else, with their best capability. I didn’t want to risk that. What if all that amount of sweat starts leaking from my face or like neck? Ewww haha. That means my face or neck would produce the doubled amount of sweat.

I chose not to get the surgery because I didn’t want to risk doing something like that. Also because although it does make daily activities a bit more difficult (well… for me… I don’t know about others,) but it is what it is. Everyone has different ups and downs. I think it just matters what you learn from it and how you can cooperate with it I guess? Haha. Life isn’t about imperfection. Hope you haven’t forgotten about thag dear future me.


And when people made fun of me or bugged me about this, of course they made me embarassed at the beginning, (still does today…,) but now I just think, ” eh what the hell, screw y’all. ”


2 thoughts on “Palmar hyperhidrosis”

  1. I had Palmar HH once. I got surgery and flew to US. I am doing all fine. Wanna make acquaintance? Shoot me an email.

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