Last year of high school (Things I’ve learned so far)

Wow, to think that I’ll be among the grad 2014 in just two months.

(Getting stressed just thinking about the exams…*cry*)

This will be my last year in high school and there’s a lot of things that

changed my perspective. It’s actually funny. One of my teachers told

me that there’s so much drama going on once you hit grade 12.

I always thought, “pshhh, not ganna happen to me.”

Well, in a way nothing dramatic occurred but it did happen to people that

I was close with.

More essentially, let’s just sum up the things that changed my perspective this year:


1. Post-secondary.

I’m an idiot for thinking that any decisions other than university after high school was a

bad decision. I’m still going to university but I think I became open-minded a lot more

compared to my previous years in high school. Just because someone decides to go to

collage, get part-time job, or perhaps take a break from everything doesn’t mean they

are making a stupid decision. I’ve learned that this year. I mean when I actually thought

about it this year, everything has an argument as to how and why all these could actually

be a great decision. I just feel dumb how I used to think university was the only way to go

after high school. All the people I respect (who are older than me) decided to go different

directions and do different things. After hearing from them, they sound happy about the

choices they made for themselves. And honestly, everyone’s choices sounds great!

I just wish I was more open-minded before this year. That way, I could’ve had more

opportunities and choices for myself.


2. Learn who your friends are.

This year, I made decisions that hurt a few people. Friends. If there’s people who no

longer want you, why the hell would you go after them? That’s stupid. That’s like crawling

after someone. Come on, your not a bug. Stick with people who care about you. They are

the ones you have to appreciate because they will listen to you. Seriously, I can’t stress

this enough, make good decisions and identify who your real friends are.


3. Peer pressure vs. what you want to do for yourself.

Okay, there’s a difference between peer pressure and what you want to do for yourself.

If you want to get five thousand tattoos for yourself, go ahead! I mean, you’re doing it for

yourself right? Not because anyone is pressuring you to right?? Do want you want. Not

because or for anyone else. Don’t do it to please others. You’ll only regret it. (Probably…

in the long term.) I will want a tattoo, not because people tell me to or because people

tell me how cool they are. I want a tattoo because I. I. I. IIIIIIIIIIIIII think they are

cool and I want one for MYSELF. Not to show it off during summer or anything else.

Because I think my parents think I’m getting peer pressured to get a tattoo or anything

like that.


4. Judgement.

Okay, first of all, in high school, or at least my year or group of classmates, they don’t judge.

At least not based on the clothes you wear or the make-up that you do. If they do, well…

that means I’m too dense to notice people making fun of me. LOL. So honestly, I should’ve

learned earlier that it doesn’t matter what you look like or the clothes you wear because

they don’t care. If they do judge you, well fuck it all. LOL, I mean why should it matter what

you choose to do? THEY AREN’T YOU.


5. Society is us.

People who say, “OMG the society is so stupid and ugly.” Um, excuse me, are you NOT part of society?

Society consists of US, PEOPLE, GENERATIONS OF PEOPLE. Make a difference, be nice and CHANGE

what currently society is being viewed as.


6. Hippocrates.

Everyone might be a Hippocratic. But when you come across certain people, there are people who

ALWAYS says how they hate something but actually turns out to be exactly THAT.


People who say, “Oh lord, bullies are so stupid” actually turn out to be the people who put people

down and bully others.

People who say, “I hate people who complain about everything” turns out to the person who complains

the most about everything in life.


So when you meet people like this, slap them. HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA…no. Just kidding. Don’t do that.

They’ll kill you. When you meet people like this… well, don’t. Don’t meet people like this. Stay away from

them. They might influence you to do idiotic things.


There’s a lot more that I need to know but I don’t think I’ve grasped the concept or comprehended them

completely. There’s way too much to learn about life.


Just make sure you learn from mistakes and never make them again next time, dear future me.

Instead, learn from them.


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