DIY Bacon egg cheese cup

Okay that title on pinterest was already tempting. So I tried it just a while ago and I personally loved it.
(Too much oil from the bacon tho.)


^I got that picture from the internet. It looks better haha.

It’s self-explanatory really.

Wrap bacon around.
Put mixture of egg (a bit by bit)
Sprinkle some cheese
Sprinkle some spice or whatever you want.

That’s it!

Not a huge fan of pork because I could never eat the fat of it or I would want to throw up. (Habit since I was a toddler according to my mom.)
But super crispy bacon is okay! (Because you don’t taste the fat.)
You make super crispy bacon by placing it in the oven with like something underneath it to absorb the excess oil.

Well unfortunately, this diy bacon egg cheese cup doesn’t make the bacon crispy but I don’t really taste too much fat so that’s good. Haha.

Do you still avoid eating pork dear future me? Well, steak was always better anyways. 🙂


Here’s a picture of mine. Doesn’t look too appetizing but it was actually good!


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