Swiss Chalet now has sweet potato fries!



So this is one of my many, too-lazy-to-function-days so let’s keep it simple and short. Just going to tell you how Swiss Chalet now has amazing sweet potato fries with a special sauce. (which I don’t remember…)

I remember I came here last year embarassing myself by asking if they had any sweet potato fries even though there wasn’t any written on the menu. Now they have them! Yay!

Oh and this time I ordered apple juice.
Don’t you hate it when you don’t know if the beverage is refillable?? Like free refills but you are too afraid to ask?
Well after that experience longggg ago (actually NOT long ago,) I learned that if you ask if they do refills and they say no, just simply say (even if you don’t want it, say) may I have a glass of water then? And no experience of any embarrassment.



After I had the sweet potato fries, rice and those loaded potato, omg I had a food orgasm. It was great! But the steak was mediocre.

(Best steak I ever had was from Apple Bee’s New York something thingamajig or a steak with lobster from Red Lobster. Again *food orgasm*)

K bye for now.


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