PR: Etude silk scarf hair essence/serum


I really like how cute etude products are. Very very PINK too. Haha.

I came to know about these products from my friend who wanted me to buy it long time ago. It smells really good too.

Now you have to remember that this product is beneficial for people who dyed their hair. It apparently reduces (?) or stops further hair damage.

I didn’t dye my hair but I still use jt because I just love the smell. Honestly, I only know the difference is that the essence is used after showering before drying your hair. As for the serum you can use it before or after drying your hair.

Even though I didn’t dye my hair, I still used it and honestly I thought I could see a difference of my hair from being too dried and having multiple split ends. It’s either that or perhaps my imagination. But I think I seriously could see a SMALL difference after few uses. I found less split ends and it wasnt as dry and i dont know, messy (and crispy…???) as before.

But really, the smell was what really made me like it so much.

I give this product a


I think if I came across it again, I would hesitate to buy it.

Or maybe because my hair wasn’t dyed there wasn’t too much difference?

Hmmm, I should dye my hair and try using this product once more…?


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