The Power Of Sight

Exactly the reason I’m blogging. I want to be able to write amazing stories like this!



The Power Of Sight

Some witches have the ability to see the future and the past, sometimes these visions can come in a dreams or by a touch of an object or person said, Henry. So I’m a witch and I have the ability to see the future, wow how many 18 years old girls can say that said, Alex. Actually many 18 year girls are witches not many can see the future replied, Henry, but I guess not on the other side of the portal. Anyways what does my vision mean asked, Alex. Well have you had any others visions before asked, Henry. Instantly I became sad, I wanted to sit in a corner and cry I realize that seen I’ve been here I haven’t thought about Catherine. I start to think about all the good things, the bad, how much I miss her, what she would doing…

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