Back to the Past; Brooke Shield

This is my first Back to the Past post.
This is were I will write stuff that happened before the date of my writing post. (That sounds confusing. So basically BRFORE I wrote my posts.)

Since my mother was telling me how when she was in high school there were a few pretty famous people that she knew, I will write about that.

Brooke Shield was one of them.

Let’s remember that my mom went to a (south) korean school so brooke shield was or must’ve been very famous in korea.

According to her, everyone of her classmates had a picture of her on their desk.

So she comes out in a commercial and my parents say that her face changed a lot. They said she was prettier when she was younger. (But then again, isn’t most people??)

Here’s a photo of her now (I think) from the internet,


She’s still beautiful I think personally. Here’s photos of her from before.






Hmmm I guess I agree that she was prettier before. I really like that second photo of her (monochrome).
And I can’t get over how much I really love the clothes she’s wearing on that first one (the first young photo of her.) Perhaps I’m old-fashioned? Haha. I don’t know sometimes, its nice to get away from mainstream fashion or mainstream anything I guess. Haha.

Anyways, yeah she was one of the most famous beautiful women back in my mom’s teenage years.


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