PR: Nivea Uruoi Kajitsu Peach


Okay so I’m a hugeeee Nivea brand fan.
I always liked certain lip balm but this brand nailed it to top of my list.

So I actually like the original nivea lip balm better. This one definitely smells good but the affect i believe isn’t as good as the original.

This one feels like an ordinary lip balm to me.

But the fact that it smells like peach and this I believe only manufactures in Japan (?!) is what made me like it.

However, I’ll add that even if it smells nice, it’s really no point (in my opinion) if people can’t smell it either or you can’t smell it afterwards.
This doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you to go smell other people’s lips.
(Haha definitely NOT creepy…)

Anyways I still like it but probably because I’m biased for being a nivea fan.

Literally when I first saw this, I was like no wayyy nivea has peach scented lip balm??? I should probably buy like three since it’s probably rareee!!!

Haha unfortunately there was only two and my sister wanted to buy one as well.

So I’ll give this product


It’s an A but it barely made it. Close to a B. I can probably find a lot of good or perhaps better ones that are peach scented. It was worth the buy though because it was like $4?? And I consider that pretty cheap for a standard lip balm. Not over priced.


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