(Not) taking advantage of $1.75

So it’s sort of raining. By that I mean showering. We just finished our garage sales and I swear I think I can feel and see the sun coming out. (Damn you weather.)

Okay so apparently transit is also just (concession) $1.75 on Saturday as well for all zones. I can take advantage of this and go out right now. (Instead of stuffing my face with cookies and just sitting here looking outside.)

Shopping sounds tempting. But I’m broke. By broke, I mean I don’t want to spend money on unnecessary things. (Mostly food *ahem* what?)

$1.75 is cheap considering the fact that other day that I went out with my friends I spend about $10 on transit.
(Darn it now I can really see the sun.)

Ugh but then I have to get ready, and actually have to WALK AND MOVE.

So I will probably or most likely NOT take advantage of this $1.75.

Hmmm actually I don’t know…

We’ll see how the day goes.

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