Makeup review: lioele waterdrop something

Reading the title, you can already probably tell how much I SUCK at makeup review. (Well… this is my first makeup review so that should be forgiven.)

I’m doing the beauty products because I’m pretty positive that after like a decade, these products might not be manufactured anymore. So I wanna make sure to record what sorts of beauty products existed (or I knew existed and happened to like…)

First of all, its not actually a makeup review. It’s more like moisturizer and my favorite (..?) beauty products so here it is.

“Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack”


It’s like moisturizer, expect its waterbased. It’s lighter on skin and less dense.
I got confused when I read “pack” because I thought it was a mask. I don’t know. I’m weird. Haha.
Anyways, it feels like iced light moisturizer(..?)
Let’s just sum it up.
I like it.
I loveee it.

Personally because I love water based beauty products. Its nice and easy on my skin.

It says the product

“brightens, calms, and reducing swelling on skin.”

But honestly for me, its something nice on my skin to put on before bed.
Perhaps because I didn’t wear it every night?

Still love the product. I was skeptical when buying this but others said it was a cool product.

Oh and heres my pictures.
My hand looks red because I was hitting it with my product. It was the last squeeze and I want to go get more.
BUT I will finish other beauty products I have first.



(Too much… haha oops.)



Here’s a video of it tooo!

use of waterdrop sleeping pack video

See?! The coolest thing about this is the fact that the product transforms to waterdroplets! Omg haha

Oh yeah, I’m also in love with “transforming (…?)” Products.
It’s pretty cool.

I give it a 86/100

(I do out of 100 because rating out of 10 is too vague okayy??)

So an A.

Something I like but I can live without… probably…

(Haha told you. Worst beauty product review. At least I’ll be able to remember this product after like a decade thanks to this post right??)


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