If you are reading this, thank you

I just wanted to take this time to say that if you are reading this, seen or just simply skimmed through my blog, thank you.

Thank you for taking your precious time to take a look at my posts.

I know that I started this blog for the purpose of writing a book on scientific futuristic novel for myself. So I wasn’t really expecting anyone to take a look at it.

So thank you very much for that.
However, I will say that the things I write may perhaps bore you -as a precaution.

Just this morning I looked at my notifications for WordPress. I’ve always thought it was an ad or something so always I ignored it.
But surprisingly people liked and followed my blog! (I was dumbfounded this morning. Honestly. I was like, ummmm my stories should be so unworthy of other people’s time… what???) Oh and apparently I reached over 100 posts? (What? Since when?)

No, but seriously, I will say it again, thank you so much for spending your time (even if you are bored or just want to kill some time).

Thank you.


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