Heavenly strawberry combo

Ta-da! Here’s a photo of a huge strawberry I took near the dining table a few weeks ago. Haha.


Not bad right?? Haha surprisingly it came out pretty nice! I was fooling around at the time saying heavenly strawberry and my sister told me I should go to mental institution… LOL

Okay, I want to write down the heavenly combo in case I reach my like I dont know, 50s(?) and I forget about this. I may or may not have already wrote about this.
(Uh-oh… short term memory loss at a young age…)

Anyways here,

Heavenly combo:
– greek goddess yogurt
– diced strawberries
– honey

That’s it! It’s simplt, pretty healthy and omg its heaven. (Like I said, “heavenly”)
I mean that greek yogurt is high in calories but it’s HEALTHY calories.
Few of my friends say it tastes like cheesecake.
I personally think it also tastes like one of the drinking yogurt I used to drink a lot in Japan. That’s probably why I like it so much. It’s nostalgic and its great.
But this combo is actually to die for. Haha. Just thought I’d let you know dear future.


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