World cup 2014

Hate the fact how you have to wait 4 years everytime before world cup season starts… 4 years! Holy shit, that’s 365 x 4! What is that 5 x 4… 6 x 4… 4 x 3… = 1460 days omggg didn’t use a calculator for that. Wow thats a big number. I’m lying down sideways on my bed (obviously… or horizontally) as I am writing this. I’m so lazy.
Oh! Just a sec.
I was baking clay.
Baking clay? Whaaa??
Yeah, I’m making dogtag necklace make of clay. I don’t know how it’ll turn out but I wanted one so I decided to make one. I’ll take a picture of it later on. I also worked on drawing a hogwarts quidditch on a plain crewneck that I bought at a clothing store. Heres a picture:


Ta-da! Not bad eh?
So I was originally going to buy it online. But I was like $40 and shipping was $10. $50 for that? I don’t have moneyyyyyy. So I decided to just buy a plain crewneck for like $20 and use my fabric marker to try and draw on it. It turned out pretty well. I saved myself $30. Now I want a hogwarts acceptance letter.
Why am I so obsessed with Harry Potter once again? Well… I was always obsessed… haha. Anyways WORLD CUP!!
IM SO EXCITED. But it’s starting in June and I simply cannot WAIT THAT LONG. UGH. This year, I’ll be cheering for South Korea, Japan, and probably brazil again. I miss playing soccer…
Anyhow, finally after four years of waiting its happening!!! Eek. Can’t wait until June when I’ll be jumping up and down texting relatives and talking about the soccer tournament! Hehe
I wanted to get the white south korea world cup 2014 jersey but gave up after looking at it online for the fifth time with the expensive price. *cry* and I wanted the 2014 Japan world cup jersey along with it… there’s so many things I want… haha should respect and be grateful for all thw things I have in life already… GEEZ DEE GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER!!!!

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