Bathroom stalls

Okay, so I’ve been going in and out of the bathroom a lot lately… I drink a lot of water OKAY. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you dont have to drink enough water ok future me?
ANYWAYS, so I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of writing on the bathroom stalls. I know sometimes some people want medical attention or some sort so they write insecure things and depressing things on the bathroom stalls. However, I still don’t understand why you would vandalize the stalls with the most random stuff and like hate. I’ve seen people’s names on there. I even saw a teachers name and how she’s a bitch or how the person who wrote it (?) hates the person. This is yet another reason I don’t like using the public or school bathroom. They do these stuff and it smells. I don’t like sharing bathrooms PERIOD. Why would you write on the stalls in the first place though? You go to the bathroom to do your business, not to write about how much you hate someone and shit talking about them. That’s so rude. Additionally, I also don’t understand few girls younger than me who go to the bathroom and stay there for like 30minutes. Especially because some of them are doing makeup. Is it so important to look so good at school?? It’s good to look nice I guess but personally, I don’t really think its that important. I used to think that if I dressed better people will like me or approach me more. NO. It wasn’t like that for me. NEVER. You meet new people but actually talking to them first, or meeting them in events or sports and getting involved at school. If people don’t want to talk to you, well screw them, they wouldn’t be a great friend anyways. (Much less be a NICE HUMAN BEING. HMPH) BUT the funny thing is I learned these things by meeting new different people. I remember one of my grade five friend was like my best friend. But in grade six, she wanted to hang out with the “popular” kids instead of me so she wanted me to go away. She moved and came back a year later and she wanted me to be with her at lunch. I OBVIOUSLY SAID NO because maybe its not the biggest deal but i was still hurt by it. There’s obvious still friends who still talk to you or say hi down the hallway because they are NICE FRIENDS. You eventually learn what kind of friends to make and you learn to appreciate them. Cheesy ew. K ganna stop there. This was supposed to be in bathroom stalls… what the hell happened? Lol


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