March, my least favorite month

Okay, I don’t like winter and snow. At least at the moment. (And funny how it was snowing earlier today and now its raining. Oh wait, I think it stopped. Now the ground can STOP being all slushy. Which reminds me, I dont like slush. I like Kakigouri though. So much better in my opinion. ANYWAYS.) It’s freaking March now and it was snowing. What is this?? *throw hands in the air and have a tantrum*

No offense to people who were born in March but I really “dislike” March. It reminds me the unpleasant things that occurred in my life. March is supposed to be one of the beautiful spring months but I think otherwise. And especially this year, another reason or event occurs that will contribute to that fact that I won’t like March.

First of all March is the month that reminds me especially of someone that I’ve lost in my life regrettably. Let’s not go in detail with that…

Second, I have eczema and this is the month that my eczema gets the worst probably due to all that pollen. (Damn you pollens.) Thanks to my prescription eczema cream though, it can get better. My skin used to get flakey on parts of my face. Since I’m basically tan or dark than most other asians, if my skin flaked off, my face colour looked unporportionate, discolored or basically weird. I didn’t know I had eczema so I always applied moisturizer until it started to not heal. Then I took the next step by applying Vaseline. This helped a lot. My skin was normal right after. I must’ve also gotten adapted to vaseline sooner or later because this started not working either. That’s when I went to the doctor just to know what it was. Turns out it was eczema. It’s not that bad but sometimes it kinda bothers. That’s the reason why now I don’t like getting tanned. I prefer being pale. But people tell me I look better tanned so I don’t know. Some say it looks more natural when I’m tanned. But I remember I came back from Hawaii really dark and one of my friends made fun of me for it. It wasn’t just once that she joked about it. It was several other times. Anyways, my eczema gets worst on March and April but I’d say mostly March. But apparently you could heal from it?? Hmm…

Third, March is the month that I got rejected LONG time ago. LOL what? I confessed? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Surprisingly yes.

Fourth, so this is happening this year. I’ve been living in this house for about 9 years, now on its way to 10th year. However, we decided to move. I really didn’t want to move but I’m dorming my first year at a university anyways. I used to hate this house at first. Now I’m upset that we are moving. Its weird because most people would be excited to move or would be neutral about it. But me on the other hand want to cling on to this house. I can’t quite pinpoint why but I feel like 9 years are a lot and so much memories I guess. To imagine living at a different location, behind different walls, and different ceiling and windows… So we will be moving out near the end of March. I’m really going to miss this house…


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