Instagram photos (my issue)

I just realized something. I’ve been taking so much photos of objects. I should be taking photos of landscapes and people! I mean, objects are going to be there forever… well not really but you know what I mean. And people and landscapes, they can change and photography should be meant for capturing those moments. Obviously not ALL the time because how lame would that be. For instance, I’m talking about how instead of enjoying a time watching the fireworks, you take photos of it until the end. I know this because I’ve experienced it before. (Been there done that.) Photography won’t be able to capture the true beauty of life. However, it can be altered to TRY and capture those beautiful moments so we can remember them when we look back to those pictures. (OMG I sound kinda cheesy… but hopefully not cliche.) ANYWAYS, I should start taking photos of landscapes and people more often rather than more objects.

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