My life up until now has always been a “later.” I used to do things whatever, whenever I wanted to right away when I was a kid. However, as I started growing up, I decided to do them “later.” Like for example, homework, (a poor example) I always procrastinate although I promise myself I’ll get it done early to get it over with it. Another example, the reason I decided to record the things and my life on this website. It was for the purpose of being able to write a scientific futuristic book when I’m older. But why when I’m older? Why don’t I just start now?? My sister has been able to write a book and published already. Why can’t I start writing now and edit it a lot when I’m older? J.K. Rowling (the person who wrote a harry potter book) started writing her harry potter series when she was on a train(?) at the age 19. I’m turning 19 soon. I don’t understand why I always left everything undone or wanted to do them “LATER.” I should do them NOW. Although some of these things that I wanna do, people and friends that I know may think its weird or perhaps “unusual” I should do them. After all, its stuff that I wanna do while I’m young. (By these things, I mean artistic things I haven’t had the guts or timw to do.) K well bye for now then.


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