How you dress

You know when I first entered high school I was always trying to dress up in the morning. Now its kind of funny because my sister does it. She’s in grade 10 right now. I’m currently in grade 12 as I’ve already said before. (Year 2014) Now I like wearing hoodies all day. What I regret even more is all the clothes that I bought and never wear them anymore. Because all this clothes that I have were the ones that I bought when I was in grade 10 with a part-time job. Now I just want to sell these clothes and get money. And save it for post secondary. Haha. K. Note to self dear future me, please don’t spend unnecessary money on clothes or food and etc etc etc. Instead save your money and give it to your parentttts. Geez don’t forget who nurtured and helped you while you were growing up. Haha.

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